UrsulaA woman of Eastern European heritage, Ursula grew up on a dairy farm in central Massachusetts, and became a high tech engineer. Her stories have appeared in Everyday Fiction, Spinetingler Magazine, and the widely popular Insanity Tales  and Insanity Tales II: The Sense of Fear  (October, 2015) anthologies. She is the coordinator of the Nashua chapter of the New Hampshire Writer’s Project, and a winner of their regional fiction contest. Recently, Ursula was named Marketing Director of The Storyside, a book marketing and publishing cooperative.

Her award-winning debut novel, Purple Trees, available in print and Kindle, portrays rural life in the story of a naïve girl who must grow up fast to find work and build a future, when the weight of the past threatens everything she loves.

Ursula taps her Lithuanian heritage in her second novel, Amber Wolf, a saga of love and war. After her mother is murdered in the torment of the Russian invasion of 1944, Ludmelia Kudirka flees to the safety of the forest. Vowing vengeance, Ludmelia joins the partisans fighting for freedom in a David-and-Goliath struggle against the mighty Soviet war machine. Amber Wolf  is available NOW!

While her roots are in rural New England, Ursula has traveled widely.  She lives with her husband in Massachusetts, and has a daughter in college. Ursula scuba-dives, swims, and is an avid hiker.

Visit Ursula’s popular Reaching Readers Blog on her website (ursulawong.wordpress.com) for flash fiction stories, and information about upcoming  appearances and publications.


The Baby Who Fell from the Sky

While tending her sheep in the Andes Mountains, Mayu finds a baby, but the villagers accuse her of stealing it, for she’s too old to have a child.

She and the baby flee to a new home among Inca ruins where the spirits Apu, Pachamama, and Inti watch over them. As Mayu’s skill as a weaver magically improves and the baby grows faster than any child should, she realizes he is special and struggles with his inevitable departure.

With a mix of shamanic ritual, Peruvian folklore, and a touch of magical realism, this endearing tale is sure to become a family favorite.







Amber Wolf


Ludmelia Kudirka is running for her life. When the brutal Russian soldiers invade 1940’s Lithuania, they ravage the countryside and the people. After her mother is murdered, young Ludmelia Kudirka flees to the safety of the forest. Vowing vengeance, she joins the partisans fighting for freedom in a David-and-Goliath struggle against the mighty Soviet war machine.


“Wong provides a window into the minds and emotions of each character as readers learn of their tragically intertwined lives.”

Alana Melanson, The Lowell Sun (click for her full interview with Ursula.)

“Amber Wolf is enjoyable as a narrative, edifying as history, and inspirational as a story of struggle, survival, and ethnic pride–the David of Lithuania is caught between the twin Goliaths of Russia and Germany. What can a young girl do? You’d be surprised.”

-Steven P. O’Connor, author of The Witch at Rivermouth and The Spy in the City of Books

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Purple Trees

Purple Trees

Purple Trees is the second-place winner in the 2015 E-Festival of Words Best Fiction, Women’s Literature.

Lonely Lily Phelps is orphaned and in debt at seventeen – but that’s not the worst of her problems. Her dark past, hidden even to her, causes her to see ghosts. This scared, naïve girl must grow up fast in a rural community if she is to find work, love, and build a future. She learns to cope, but the weight of the past threatens everything she loves. Because of her terrible secret, Lily must protect her family from the worst danger of all – herself.







Insanity Tales


Enter a world of insanity as you encounter nine tales of murder, mayhem, and madness from authors David Daniel, Stacey Longo, Dale T. Phillips, Vlad V., and Ursula Wong. Here you will find twisted psyches, peculiar people, and demons of the mind and spirit.
If you like your stories dark and scary, come take a stroll through this asylum, hearing ominous whispers or the shrieks of the unhinged echoing in your ears.

You’ll find yourself glancing nervously over your shoulder, or wondering about that odd-looking person at the bus stop . . . or even in the mirror. Come in, enjoy the trip, but step carefully, and watch the shadows, for you may never be the same again.

“Like the outer limits of a whirlpool, the Insanity Tales start with a eerie quiet that all too soon draws the reader into a web of twists and turns …” ~Dave Stephens




Insanity Tales II: The Sense of Fear


Reality slides into madness again in these eleven tales from some of New England’s finest storytellers. Feel your heartbeat quicken as your senses drift to dark places: the howls of horror, terrifying visions, a hint of mystery in the air, and the bitter taste of death. You may never sleep with the lights off again.

“Six talented storytellers bring us a mix of chilling tales—obsession, premonition, dark psyche, madness, and murder—seasoned by spirits and demons. A post-apocalyptic quest finishes off this fascinating collection. A great follow-up to the original Insanity Tales.”
~ J. C. Ferguson, author of The Janus Code and Mangrove Madness

“Insanity Tales II is a brilliantly executed anthology of dark fiction tales that are as weirdly fascinating as they are entertaining. I highly recommend it.”
~ Tony Tremblay, editor of Eulogies III

“Insanity? Perhaps. But there is method to the madness. The stories in this volume are carefully crafted, with well-constructed plots, masterly writing, and very often the chill of fear, the surprise of a twist, and the satisfaction of a good ending.”
~ Stephen P. O’Connor, author of The Witch at Rivermouth and Smokestack Lightning

“Insanity Tales II lived up to its name. Just when I thought I was able to figure out what was happening in each of these stories, this compilation of highly skilled authors threw me curve balls that left me muttering “No way!” Out loud—to myself—time and time again. I love that in a read, and you will, too!”
~ T. Stephens, author of Dante’s Cypher







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