Rob Smales is the author of Dead of Winter, which won the Superior Achievement in Dark Fiction Award from Firbolg Publishing’s Gothic Library in 2014. His short stories have been published in two dozen anthologies and magazines. His story “Photo Finish” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize and won the Preditors & Editors’ Readers Choice Award for Best Horror Short Story of 2012.

Most recently, his story “A Night at the Show” received an honorable mention on Ellen Datlow’s list of the Best Horror of 2014, and was also nominated as best short story by the eFestival of Words.

More about his work can be found at, or you can look him up on Facebook at


Echoes of Darkness



From the dark corners of award-winning horror writer Rob Smales’s twisted mind come thirteen tales of murder, terror, ghosts, and ghouls.
A boy learns how to be a man in a post-apocalyptic world . . .
An old man teaches his grandson to do the right thing, with terrifying results . . .
A plane crash leaves a damaged man doing whatever he must to survive . . .
This collection of the scary and sublime will burrow into the most disturbed part of your soul, leaving you wondering: what was that noise in the other room?
Perhaps it was nothing.
Or perhaps it was an echo of darkness.

“The writing of Rob Smales hits you like a whip cracking against a spine. Your flesh tears with each whack, yet you keep asking for more, and no matter how bloody and painful the night becomes, you pray it never ends.” ~ Max Booth III, author of HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY KIDNAP STRANGERS

“Reading Rob Smales’ collection ECHOES OF DARKNESS is a lot like munching on barbeque potato chips—once you’ve dived into the first story, it’s almost impossible not to keep reading until the end. Smales has a refreshing, clean prose style that is accessible and engaging. In particular, I recommend this book to readers who are new to the genre as Smales comes up with some nifty and clever riffs on some traditional horror tropes.” ~ Bram Stoker Award nominee Hal Bodner, author of THE TROUBLE WITH HAIRY and BITE CLUB


Carol of the Bells

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“Too commercialized.”
“Too mainstream.”
When Brian and Carol came to England, all they wished for was the most traditional holiday celebration they could find: a dance in the village square, dinner in the inn’s taproom, and a lovely winter stroll beneath the stars.

No one told them to be careful what they wished for: they just might get it.

A terrifying new tale from seasoned horror writer Rob Smales, just in time for the holiday. Because not all Christmases are bright.

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Dead of Winter

dead of winter

The First Book in the Seasons of the Dead Quartet.
Ghosts and spirits manifest for various reasons and in many different ways. An invisible intruder. An invading memory. A soft voice in the snow. “The Dead of Winter” is a collection of three very different ghost stories. A novella and two novelettes, each taking place during one of the months of Winter.

The Christmas Spirit: A new family in their first home finds gifts from an invisible presence, a presence that takes a disturbing interest in the children.
Fishing Hole: Johnny takes his first ice-fishing trip and finds that the cold and ice are the least of the dangers.
Snowbirds: As a boy of ten Paul nearly died in a snowy cave-in. Now, at sixty, can he conquer his chionophobia to rescue children in the snow?





Insanity Tales II: The Sense of Fear


Reality slides into madness again in these eleven tales from some of New England’s finest storytellers. Feel your heartbeat quicken as your senses drift to dark places: the howls of horror, terrifying visions, a hint of mystery in the air, and the bitter taste of death. You may never sleep with the lights off again.

“Six talented storytellers bring us a mix of chilling tales—obsession, premonition, dark psyche, madness, and murder—seasoned by spirits and demons. A post-apocalyptic quest finishes off this fascinating collection. A great follow-up to the original Insanity Tales.”
~ J. C. Ferguson, author of The Janus Code and Mangrove Madness

“Insanity Tales II is a brilliantly executed anthology of dark fiction tales that are as weirdly fascinating as they are entertaining. I highly recommend it.”
~ Tony Tremblay, editor of Eulogies III

“Insanity? Perhaps. But there is method to the madness. The stories in this volume are carefully crafted, with well-constructed plots, masterly writing, and very often the chill of fear, the surprise of a twist, and the satisfaction of a good ending.”
~ Stephen P. O’Connor, author of The Witch at Rivermouth and Smokestack Lightning

“Insanity Tales II lived up to its name. Just when I thought I was able to figure out what was happening in each of these stories, this compilation of highly skilled authors threw me curve balls that left me muttering “No way!” Out loud—to myself—time and time again. I love that in a read, and you will, too!”
~ T. Stephens, author of Dante’s Cypher


Wicked Tales

Publication Date: May 13, 2015

Welcome back to another journey through the wonders and terrors of New England. Twenty Wicked Tales of fear, madness and horror from the region’s most prolific writers of dark fiction. Contains stories from Michael J Arruda, Matthew M. Bartlett, E. A. Black, Kristin Dearborn, Peter N. Dudar, Timothy P. Flynn, Sam Gafford, Christopher Golden, John Goodrich, Rick Hautala, Bracken MacLeod, John McIlveen, Paul McMahon, Holly Newstein, David North-Martino, Howard Odentz, Rob Smales, L. L. Soares, Trisha J. Wooldridge, K. H. Vaughan and T. T. Zuma. Introduction by Chet Williamson, and covert art by Ogmios.

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Coffin Hop

Publication Date: October 21, 2013

COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN is the first collection of stories from the ranks of the annual Coffin Hop online horror extravaganza. Brains from Space! Robot Squids Gone Wild! Radioactive Microwave Men! Monster Mash Massacres! Crotch Tentacles and more, much more!

…wait, did I just say “Crotch Tentacles”?

Featuring interior art by the legendary Nik Seizure and an introduction by B-Movie expert and cult classic Stink of Flesh director Scott S. Phillips!

Get your popcorn ready and dim those headlights. The Dusk ‘til Dawn is about to begin, and it’s gonna be killer, baby!

All profits from COFFIN HOP: DEATH BY DRIVE-IN will be donated to!


Anthology: Year Three

Publication Date: January 5, 2015

A wildly adventurous collection of stories and verse that cross the thresholds of genre. Here you’ll find epic battles as the forces of order combat alien extremism in space; the confrontation between Norse Gods and the almighty Cthulhu; and otherworldly invaders causing havoc by controlling the elements. But there’s much more. In these 29 well-crafted pieces of prose, verse, and artwork, there are more subtle moments: cozy mysteries, time travel, apparitions on lonely highways, isolation, and moments of nail-biting suspense. Over 300 pages of exciting and startling fiction, verse, and art.

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The Ghost is the Machine

Publication Date: November 13, 2012

WINNER 2012 P&E Readers Poll – Best Anthology of 2012!

The Ghost IS the Machine: An Anthology of Steampunk Inspired Ghost Stories

Machines define human society. But that doesn’t mean they have to play nice.

A new collection of steampunk inspired ghost stories from some of the best rising talent in speculative fiction. Plus a genre gem by Stoker Award-winning, New York Times-bestselling author Joe Hill.

Featuring the Winner 2012 P&E – Best Short Horror Story: Photo Finish, by Rob Smales


 Dreamscapes into Darkness

Publication Date: April 24, 2015

Firbolg Publishing’s fifth anthology, Enter at Your Own Risk: Dreamscapes into Darkness, explores the old adage of “Be Careful What You Wish For.” Journey down wishful thinking’s twisted pathways and discover what dark ends and detours await-with an introduction from Daniel Knauf, and featuring stories from D.H. Lawrence, Mary Shelley, A.M. Burrage, H.P. Lovecraft, and more Gothic masters from yesteryear and today… enter at your own risk, and be careful not to make a wish!

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