PictureGrowing Up Stacey: Born in Connecticut in the 70s, I grew up with two parents that had the audacity to be loving and supportive role models (don’t worry, I was able to successfully create my own angst despite their best efforts). My sister and I found ourselves growing up among the fluorescent nightmare that was the 80s, awash in legwarmers and off-the-shoulder “Flashdance” tees.  It was our love for Duran Duran that got us through these tumultuous fashion times.

After college (WE AREPENN STATE!)  I moved to Block Island, RI, where I eventually began my writing career as a weekly humor columnist for the Block Island Times.  For six years, I waxed poetic on such topics as how to disguise dust bunnies as wall-to-wall carpeting and how difficult it is to tell the difference between wild grass and corn when weeding the garden.  During this time, I also published articles in the Island Crier and The Works Magazine.

In 2005, I returned to my home state of Connecticut amid little fanfare, something I haven’t quite gotten over (where’s my ticker-tape parade, people?).  I work as a copy editor to support my writing habit, and live an anxiety-ridden, caffeine-injected life with my husband Jason and two cats, Wednesday and Pugsley.


What Have I Written? Lots of good stuff, like . . .


My Mom, MS, and a Sixth-Grade Mess

Patrick’s in sixth grade, and he has problems. He and his best friend like the same girl, he has a big English project due and he hasn’t even read the book yet, and he has the sneaking suspicion that he might have a unibrow. Oh yeah: and his mom has multiple sclerosis. What’s a twelve-year-old to do? This book is part of a series written in an effort to not only help kids understand their parent’s MS diagnosis, but to help fundraise for the National MS Society. A portion of the proceeds from every copy sold is donated to this cause.

Tricks and Treats: A Collection of Spooky Stories by Connecticut Authors


There’s an old saying: “You know you’re from Connecticut if you grew up in a haunted house or know someone who did.” This collection of haunted tales from some of Connecticut’s most talented authors—past and present—celebrates the state’s inherent spookiness.


“This collection brings with it all the trappings of the season, from pumpkins and spooky decorations, to that chill coursing over your skin in the night, and the lingering sense that death has come to claim many things, possibly the reader as well.” ~ Michelle Garza, This is Horror

Ordinary Boy

My debut novel about a young man growing up in the ’80s, struggling to avoid the school bully, make friends, and get the girl . . . only to find that the real struggle is at home, when his mother marries a monster.

“As a rule when I think about Stacey Longo’s writing, I think of words like ‘terrifying’ and ‘scary,’ but the only thing that’s terrifyingly scary in her new book is how well she—as an adult female—has managed to get into the mind of a teenage boy.” ~ Are We There Yet? (Linda Orlomoski)

Insanity Tales

insanity tales amazon

An anthology of short stories by myself, David Daniel, Dale Phillips, Vlad V., and Ursula Wong. Edited by me. and I can promise you, the ellipses are perfectly formatted.

Insanity Tales II: The Sense of Fear


Reality slides into madness again with this amazing collection of haunting tales from me, David Daniel, Dale Phillips, Rob Smales, Vlad V., and Ursula Wong. Rob and I edited this book, so again: perfect ellipses.

Secret Things: Twelve Tales to Terrify

A collection of twelve tales written by yours truly, including such classics as “Good Night, Francine,” “People Person,” and “Zombie Mama” as well as six new stories, this compilation is sure to please. Order several copies today!

“. . . a darkly entertaining glimpse into the talented and delightfully twisted mind of a promising author.” ~ Shock Totem magazine (Barry Lee DeJasu)

My Mom Has MS

A children’s picture book written and illustrated by me, about my friend Renee and her son Patrick. A portion of the proceeds from every book sold will be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

“Ten out of ten—I’d read it again!” ~ Patrick Holder, reviewer

Pookie and the Lost & Found Friend

1-Title Page

July 2012; Farmer’s Daughter Press
A children’s Halloween-y picture book!

“Too damn cute!” ~ Joanne Oblinger, reviewer




Wicked Seasons


This is the second New England Horror Writers anthology, edited by that fabulous author, Stacey Longo. None of my stories are in here (that would be obnoxious) but each tale was hand-picked by me for your enjoyment!
“These tales are dark, and most importantly, they will all raise goosebumps and make your spine freeze.” Horror World (T.T. Zuma)



“Old Man’s Winter”
Anthology Year Two: Inner Demons Out
A charming tale of one man’s rotten, rotten life and how it affects his son.

Anthology: Year One
Holly finds herself in a compromising position at the Grand Canyon. Her husband didn’t push her . . . did he?

Shock Totem 4.5
A Longo holiday memory from your favorite author, starring your favorite author’s father!

“Private Beach”
Short Story, Epitaphs: The NEHW Anthology
Shroud Publishing
Tom’s romantic beach picnic doesn’t go as planned.

“Love Stinks”
Short Story, Hell Hath No Fury
May December Publications
Annie would do anything for her one true love.  Too bad he’s a zombie.

“Wedding Day Blues”
Short Story, From Shadows and Nightmares
Nightfall Publications
September 2011
Emma refuses to let her groom’s newly dead status ruin her wedding day.

“Max Elliott, Exterminator”
Flash Fiction, Rapid Decomposition
Library of the Living Dead Press
Introduction of Max Elliott, a zombie slayer in a post-zombie world.

“Zombie Mama”
Short Story, Zombidays: Festivities of the Flesheaters
Library of the Living Dead Press
Buy It Now!
A heartwarming story about mothers, daughters, and the  undead.

Flash Fiction, Daily Bites of Flesh 2011:  365 Days of Flash Fiction
Pill Hill Press
December 2010
Chuckie’s sick experiments on small animals are about to come to an end.

“Trojan Horse”
Flash Fiction, Daily Bites of Flesh 2011:  365 Days of Flash Fiction
Pill Hill Press
December 2010
Desperation in the post-apocalyptic world in 500 words or less.

“Down the Pike”
Short Story, Shroud Magazine, Issue 11
An unhappily married woman takes matters in to her own hands.

“Good Night, Francine”
Short Story, Malicious Deviance
Library of Horror Press
Francine is a little old lady with a penchant for evil.
Read a review here!

“People Person”
Short Story, Dark Things IV (A Horror Anthology)
Pill Hill Press
Jess just can’t seem to fit in with the island natives.

“On Island Time”
Short Story, The Litchfield Literary Review, December 2008
Reflections on life on an island and how good it feels to move on!

Billy Roared: A Jungle Adventure
Written by Beatrice Longo and illustrated by yours truly, this is a children’s book published in 2005 that my aunt wrote for the children she works with on a volunteer basis.  The end result isn’t pretty, but it has heart. Order your copy today!

“Off Island Time”
Weekly Humor Column for The Block Island Times,  August 2005-August 2006
Check out their archives for more funny stories, this time about life on the mainland!

“On Island Time”
Weekly Humor Column for The Block Island Times, January 2000 – August 2005
Check out their archives!  Funny, funny stuff!

“Paul’s Complete Guide to Angling: Lessons I Have Learned Fishing With My Father”
Short Story, The Works,  June 1998
Click on the pictures to the right to read this fine work!

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