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2017 was a banner year for The Storyside!

We published our third volume of the Insanity Tales series, David Daniel’s stellar collection of short fiction, Inflections and Innuendos, and Ursula Wong’s triumphant Peruvian folklore novelette, The Baby Who Fell From the Sky.

Readers kept us inspired week in and week out by hopping aboard our blog train, and by attending the myriad of author events we tend to haunt. As a result, our readership continues to grow, and we just wanted to say, “THANK YOU!”

For this week, we thought we’d share some of last year’s most popular fiction, in case you missed it. We look forward to entertaining you in 2018!


The Storyside

Dear Teddy by Stacey Longo

A girl we never knew. A secret buried deep in the past. The ripple effect of time travel …






People Person by Vlad V.

A well-meaning student finally conquers his OCD. Unfortunately, that means killing a lot of people …





The Tattered Coat by Ursula Wong

A frontier family is badly in need of a doctor for their sick child, but time is running out …





The Biggest Ice Cream Cone in Texas by David Daniel

Barry has always been in second place, and he’s tired of it. When he becomes a nominee for the Nobel Prize, his life is finally about to take a turn for the best. Or is it?









Flower Potts by Rob Smales

What do you bring the woman you just fell in love with? Flowers, of course! Every flower there is, no matter the cost!





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