Inflections & Innuendos by David Daniel – New Release!

David Daniel’s stunning new collection of over 100 short and flash fiction stories is available now!

“Beautifully written.”

“Mr. Daniel has captured all the fabric, color, uniqueness, and complexity of the human condition.”

“A delightful treat.”

“This is the work of a master of the craft …”

“Short and sweet. Powerful and pithy.”




“David Daniel is a beachcomber, and these stories are the small, unexpected treasures he has found in the tidal coves of the imagination and put on display for our delight. A young boy’s crush on his lonely aunt, a machine that apparently has no other purpose than its beauty, a hit man obsessed with the New York theater, an old woman who sells clouds, a 400-pound dreamer in a creative writing class, a woman’s imagined lover come to life: we get these and much more. Empathy, irony, darkness, whimsy, loneliness, and wonder are all here. As is a bracing dash of the absurd. You’ll reach the last page and wish there were more.”

-Ailish O’Davoren, author of The Hills of Tipperary




Kindle:  $4.99

Print: $14.99


David Daniel has published a dozen novels and 200 short stories. Among his books are ReunionWhite Rabbit, and The Marble Kite.



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