Expectations – Free Story

Herman leaned his leathery body toward Christina as the sunlight glimmered on the pool’s surface at their feet. The scent of jasmine tinged the warm breeze.

“You haven’t kissed me since the wedding. Gimme a little kiss,” he said, puckering his lips.

Christina turned away and draped an arm over her head, lifting the curve of her breast in the bikini top.

“Come on, baby,” said Herman, staring at her ample flesh.

Christina tossed the little umbrella in her cocktail aside, and took a long sip.

“I can’t drink ’cause it interferes with my heart medicine, so I don’t want you to, either,” Herman said.

“It’s delicious, darling. Want some?”

“I don’t want you going into the water, either. It makes me nervous.” Herman adjusted the cataract sunglasses balancing on his nose.

Christina put the drink down and stepped to the edge of the pool. As she jumped, she spread her arms like wings and arched her body into a perfect curve before entering the water. She glided to the other side where she came to the surface and tilted her face up at the sun.

“Come back here,” sputtered Herman. He got to his feet and waved his cane.

Christina examined the magnificent diamond on her ring finger, smiling at the jewel.

Herman sat down.

She took a breath, submerged, and slid back through the water.  Christina lifted herself from the pool in an explosion of strength. She stood in front of Herman with her hands on her hips and water dripping in rivulets down her torso. Her nipples pressed against the flimsy swimsuit.

Herman leaned back in his chair as if someone had slapped him. He gripped the armrest, and in a weak voice said, “Let’s go back to the room.”

“Not today, Herman.”

“You’re supposed to obey me. You took a vow.”

Christina smiled. “That was yesterday, darling.”



A retired engineer, Ursula Wong writes about strong women. Her award-winning debut novel, Purple Trees, and her second novel, Amber Wolf, portray women struggling against impossible odds to fulfill their dreams.


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